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Nice things people have said about us on Twitter

I'm very proud of what these folks have put together - @abstractionscon is going to be amazing!

— Seth Vargo (@sethvargo) February 3, 2016

I really, really dig everything about @abstractionscon 's aesthetics.

— Schwebebär (@andrewhobden) May 11, 2016

Very impressed with what @codeandsupply has put together with @abstractionscon. Maybe the best speaker lineup I’ve seen… well, ever.

— Jordan Koschei (@jordankoschei) February 3, 2016

Proof it's possible to have an inclusive line-up for a tech conference. Way to go, @codeandsupply @abstractionscon !

— Annette Vee (@anetv) February 3, 2016

Pittsburgh sure is turning into a tech city. I'm really looking forward to @abstractionscon. Their speaker lineup looks great!

— Jon Daniel (@binarycleric) February 2, 2016

If Pittsburgh’s not already on your radar for web/digital/software, this ought to do it: @abstractionscon

— Mike Kozak (@mwkozak) February 2, 2016

@jilljubs @abstractionscon @petecheslock The speaker lineup is INSANE. In a must attend no matter what kinda way.

— Chris Laco (@claco) May 10, 2016

LRT: @abstractionscon has been so incredibly on it with organization, top to bottom.

— Emily G (@EmilyGorcenski) May 16, 2016