Referral Contest Rules

How to Enter

To enter the contest, a ticket must be purchased using your assigned coupon code between January 1, 2016 at 12:00pm and August 17, 2016 at 12:00pm EST.

Winner Selection

Winners will be selected by tallying registrations completed using the assigned coupon codes.

The top three (3) entries based on number of completed registrations will be named a "Top Prize Winner".

All other entries with at least three (3) completed registrations will be named a "Registration Referrals Contest Winner".

Valid Registrations

Only registrations that are paid in full on August 17, 2016 will be considered valid for the purposes of this contest.

Any registration that is refunded for any reason, including its purchaser's request or a violation of conference policies will not be eligible.

Any registration voided due to violations of conference policy will not be eligible.


Entrants named "Top Prize Winner" will receive the following:

Entrants named "Registration Referrals Contest Winner" will receive the following:

Prize Delivery

For all prizes that involve stage time, Abstractions will coordinate with the prize winner to give them access to the stage.

Refunded registrations will be delivered by an authorized refund in the ShowClix ticketing system on August 25, 2016.

Coupon Code Problems

Any issues with coupon codes should be addressed by emailing

Refer a sponsor

Do you want to see a particular company or organization at Abstractions? Do you have a contact at a company or organization who would benefit from Abstractions sponsorship? Put us in touch with them today!

It's one thing for sponsors to be approached by a conference about sponsorship that will help them sell their product, recruit, or show off something cool that they've done. It's awesome for attendees themselves to clamor for a certain sponsor to come. It's even more amazing when our attendees can put us in direct contact with decision makers at those kinds of organizations!

To help facilitate this, our Sponsor Referral Program will reward Abstractions attendees who successfully refer a sponsor to us. If a sponsor that you referred signs up to sponsor at any paid level, you will receive your ticket for free.

Be the matchmaker and get a free ticket as our thank you gift. Couldn't be better!

The simplest way to participate is to fill out our sponsor referral form. You can also make an introduction via email to your contact and copying us at It's that simple.

Like any incentive program, there are some rules:

  1. If multiple participants refer the same sponsor, the award is given to the referrer who contributes the most to a sponsor's decision. Failing any major difference in influence, the ticket will be awarded to the first person to refer.
  2. The number of awards and recipients of the awards are chosen at Abstractions' sole discretion and the decision is final.
  3. Media-level sponsorship is excluded from this program.
  4. You can receive multiple awards, to be given away but not sold.