The Folks behind Abstractions

Abstractions is a conference built by the same folks behind Code & Supply Co., Pittsburgh's software development community, devopsdays Pittsburgh, and Steel City Ruby Conference.

Justin Reese, Executive Director

Justin Reese

Justin started Code & Supply in 2014 as a way to unite several disparate groups that were colliding as they grew, scheduling events on the same night and spending a fortune on duplicated organizational costs. Abstractions is a natural expansion of the ideals behind Code & Supply, uniting across many disciplines for a grand event celebrating the software we craft.

Justin was an organizer of Steel City Ruby Conference 2012-2014.

Justin is an independent software consultant at Builder Code Works.

Colin Dean, Director of Sponsorship and Scholarship

Colin Dean

Colin has been with Code & Supply since day 1. Having expanded the membership of a regional non-profit, he's applied those skills to building C&S's community and encouraging engagement and camaraderie.

Colin organized devopsdays Pittsburgh in 2014 and 2015, Steel City Ruby Conference 2012-2014, The GXL 2013-2014, Pittsburgh LAN Coalition 2006-2014, and Western PA Youth Leadership Seminar 2002-2006.

Colin is a software engineer for IBM Watson, previously of Vivísimo.

Erik Swanson, Director of Program

Erik Swanson

Erik dove headfirst into the software community upon arriving in Pittsburgh three years ago. Erik helps organize Code & Supply, advising on community and education. Week to week Erik does his best to make sure Code & Supply's events run smoothly and that everyone feels welcomed and involved.

Erik is a newcomer to conference organization. He's looking forward to the challenge of bringing an interesting and diverse set of community proposed talks to Abstractions! He is currently employed as a freelance web developer and maintains a healthy enthusiasm for open source and a programming languages.

Anna Filippova, Director of Speaker Relations

Anna Filippova

Anna Filippova hosted RedDot Ruby Conf 2015 and organized the Singapore Ruby Meetup.

Anna is a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute for Software Research at Carnegie Mellon University. She works on leveraging events to grow Free and Open Source Software communities.

Matthew Beatty, Sponsor Coordinator

Matthew Beatty

Matthew is a newcomer to conference organization. He's looking forward to a challenge!

Matthew is a software engineer for Net Health Systems.

Jenny Manning, Programming Coordinator

Jenny Manning

Jenny organized devopsdays Pittsburgh in 2015.

Jenny is a software engineer for IBM Watson.

Christopher M Luciano, Speaker Coordinator

Christopher Luciano

Christopher organized devopsdays Pittsburgh in 2015.

Christoper is a Staff Software Engineer for IBM Watson Developer Cloud.

Emma Trimble, Programming Coordinator

Emma Trimble

Emma Trimble is also a Code & Supply podcast host, a promotional effort for Abstractions.

Jean Lange, Conference Team Role Model

Jean Lange

Jean organized Steel City Ruby Conference 2013 and 2014.

Jean is a software engineer for IBM Watson, previously of Vivísimo.

Brigette Lefever, Director of Conference Atmosphere & Graphic Designer

Brigette Lefever

Brigette Lefever is not only responsible for Abstractions' promotional material as its Graphic Designer, but also for much of the event decoration, interior design, and therapy dogs distraction.

Brigette is a freelance artist, decorator, and UX designer looking for new contract or full-time opportunities after Abstractions.

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