Abstractions, A web conference in Pittsburgh, PA

August -
Pittsburgh, PA

Abstractions is a new conference that brings together everyone involved in modern software development — designers, developers, DevOps, and community leaders — to teach, learn, and connect.

We've gathered a huge lineup of diverse speakers, from language creators to community builders to design innovators, and sought the most interesting and unique proposals from our peers in the industry. We're proud to have put together three full days of incredible content that will help you become an expert at what you do.

Register now to join over 1,000 of your peers for our event this August. Expand your understanding of the world of modern software development, from both inside and outside the confines of your chosen expertise.

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Abstractions looks at the software creation process from all angles. Covered topics include: remarkable Design, perspectives on Development, practical DevOps, and effective Community & Leadership. Here are just a few of our speakers.

  • Picture of Jeffrey Zeldman

    Jeffrey Zeldman

    A List Apart

  • Picture of Richard Stallman

    Richard Stallman

    Free Software Foundation

  • Picture of Sandi Metz

    Sandi Metz

    Object-Oriented Ruby

  • Picture of Kelsey Hightower

    Kelsey Hightower

    Google Cloud Platform

  • Picture of Saron Yitbarek

    Saron Yitbarek

    CodeNewbie Founder

  • Picture of Mike Monteiro

    Mike Monteiro

    Mule Design

  • Picture of Raffi Krikorian

    Raffi Krikorian

    Uber Advanced Tech

  • Picture of Eileen Uchitelle

    Eileen Uchitelle

    Basecamp. Rails Security.

  • Picture of Mitchell Hashimoto

    Mitchell Hashimoto

    Vagrant and Hashicorp

  • Picture of Joe Armstrong

    Joe Armstrong

    Inventor of Erlang

  • Picture of Lyza Danger Gardner

    Lyza Danger Gardner

    Head First Mobile Web

  • Picture of Casey West

    Casey West

    Cloud Foundry

  • Picture of Larry Wall

    Larry Wall

    Inventor of Perl

  • Picture of Matt Griffin

    Matt Griffin

    Bearded Studio

  • Picture of Allison Randal

    Allison Randal

    Open Source Initiative

  • Picture of Petro Salema

    Petro Salema

    HCI Visionary

  • Picture of José Valim

    José Valim

    Inventor of Elixir

  • Picture of Andrew Clay Shafer

    Andrew Clay Shafer

    clown prince of devops

  • Picture of Aaron Patterson

    Aaron Patterson

    Ruby and Rails

  • Picture of Brad Frost

    Brad Frost

    Pattern Lab

  • Picture of Scott Hanselman

    Scott Hanselman

    Microsoft Web Platform

  • Picture of Lara Schenck

    Lara Schenck


  • Picture of Joshua Suereth

    Joshua Suereth

    Scala in Depth

  • Picture of Bryan Liles

    Bryan Liles

    Digital Ocean

  • Picture of Seth Vargo

    Seth Vargo


  • Picture of Jono Bacon

    Jono Bacon

    Github Community

  • Picture of Nadia Odunayo

    Nadia Odunayo

    Ignition Works

  • Picture of Laurie Voss

    Laurie Voss

    Co-founder/CTO npm

  • Picture of Ingy döt Net

    Ingy döt Net

    Inventor of YAML

  • Picture of Sean Griffin

    Sean Griffin

    Active Record and Diesel

  • And more!

    Community speakers

    And many more!

Conference Program

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Pittsburgh, PA

…is a growing center of software. It's a short flight away from major cities like Chicago, New York, Charlotte, Atlanta, and with direct flights from 40 US cities, Pittsburgh is less than an hour trip for a third of America's population.

The David L. Lawrence Convention Center


…is located in Downtown Pittsburgh and is easily accessible by different forms of transportation. DLCC is the only convention center in the world with LEED® certifications.

The Westin Convention Center


…is our official conference hotel and is conveniently connected to the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. To get a room at a discounted rate, book here!

Abstraction Extras!

Abstractions is now sold out. Come join us for a baseball game, touring of the Warhol museum, or viewing of "The Future is Next"

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