August 21-23, 2019 in Pittsburgh, PA

Frequently Asked Questions

Day-of details

Where is a map?

Download the map! We may upload a nicer-looking map eventually but the room designations won’t change. Note that room names are nicer in the program, etc. and the map just shows the first letter of the room name.

What meals are provided at the conference?

We provide breakfast for our Pro-ticked attendees.

In order to keep ticket costs low, we do not provide other meals to attendees. The venue is in the heart of the Cultural District and nearby Downtown, there are a plethora of restaurants with a variety of cuisines.

The convention center will offer food via a vendor inside of the main hall.

The schedule is intentionally light for two hours during lunch time so attendees can take breaks as it fits their personal schedule and we can avoid overwhelming local restaurants.

Will sessions be recorded?

Some talks will be recorded; those will posted to Code & Supply’s YouTube channel as they are edited in the weeks after the conference.

Interested in widening the breadth of talks recorded? We have a video recording sponsorship meant just for this.

Is Internet provided?

We encourage attendees to get the most out of their conference experience by devoting their attention to the sessions, fellow attendees, sponsors, and the conference environment. We discourage general Internet use.

That said, WiFi will be available, but should not be relied on. Thousands of devices in a small area makes for very congested airwaves.

Attendees who are on-call or otherwise need Internet should rely on their own hotspot or mobile device tether. Use of wired tethering ( iOS | Android) is strongly advised in order to free up spectrum for those who do not follow this advice.

Organizers have found that cellular LTE service works decently in Abstractions’ area of the DLCC, but assume that it, too, will be stressed.

There is WiFi in some areas along Penn Ave and many restaurants in the Cultural District have WiFi, as well. PittMesh does not yet have a presence downtown.

What time will the conference end on the last day?

The final session is scheduled to end around 5:00 pm.

Can you provide more details about the childcare arrangements?

We’re happy to announce that we’ll be partnering with Flexable Childcare to provide childcare during the conference for ages 2 and up, free of charge. You can reserve a spot ahead of time, but spots are available on a first-come first-served basis.

Ticket purchase and transfer

How can I transfer (or cancel) my ticket?

Unfortunately, all sales are final in accordance with our refund policy.

We want your ticket to go to good use and will support transfers to a new name.

You can transfer your ticket by visiting your Code & Supply profile and clicking the “Reassign Tickets” feature once you’re logged in.

Can I share my ticket if I cannot attend all three days?

Only sponsor-only, booth-only tickets are shareable.

Can I donate my unusable ticket to an attendee in need?

Yes! The Code & Supply Scholarship Fund is a separate organization that manages conference scholarships, including those for Abstractions.

Here you will find instructions how to easily donate your ticket to the pool.

This donation will be tax-deductible in the amount that you paid for the ticket.

Are there any group discounts?

In order to make our event accessible, we’ve already tried to make ticket prices as low as possible. We do offer 10% discount for group orders.

We very generous with our sponsorship packages in terms of complimentary tickets and offer 20% discount to sponsors.

Can you facilitate group orders?

Abstractions can make it easier for certain larger orders of tickets. If you

  • would like to purchase more than $2,000 in tickets at one time
  • can be invoiced for the order
  • can pay the invoice via check, wire, or other non-credit method on NET 30 terms

Contact our operations team for more information.

Can I earn professional development or continuing education hours for attending?

Yes. We include a certificate of attendance for our Professional ticket holders. This certificate will be issued to you upon request after the event. Simply email after the event.

For educators, we offer certification of hours that meets ACT 48 requirements. See our ACT 48 page for more information.

Can I provide my résumé or contact information to sponsors?

Yes! Be sure to complete your Event Profile on your Code & Supply Profile. If you upload your résumé or CV to the profile, it will be shared with sponsors who have opted to receive these documents from attendees. You can also bring paper copies or a business card with a URL to give to exhibiting sponsors.

Attendee credentials and shipments

How are attendees identified?

All attendees wear wristbands colored according to their ticket package. These wristbands sport a memory chip that enables you to enter the event and to participate in our optional Abstractions Side Quests. Wristbands will be mailed to attendees who order tickets before Saturday, August 10.

When will I get my wristband box?

We’re working hard to ship a box to everyone with a U.S. address who purchased a ticket prior to August 10, 2019.

You will receive a notification when yours has shipped.

Registrants who purchased their box after August 1, 2019 may receive theirs prior to the event. The last shipment will go out later in the week of August 3. We’ll notify you if we were not able to ship your box so that you know not to expect it and to pick it up at the event.

All registrants living outside the U.S. will pick up theirs at the event.

Where can I use my wristband?

Our wristbands are similar to those found at festivals and amusement parks. Our Wristbands are scanned:

  • at the main “check-in” entryway to the conference
  • (optionally) for participation in Abstractions Side Quests, for example
    • (optionally) at entry to sessions
    • (optionally) at entry to the arcade
    • (optionally) at the hat decorating station
    • (optionally) at sponsor exhibitions

It is possible to complete the Abstractions Side Quests without having your wristband scanned.

If you allow a sponsor to scan your wristband, your name and contact information may be shared with them. You control what you share with sponsors. What you share is determined by what you have opted-in to share via your event profile settings. To change what you share, click on your name, and change the “Share biographical info” dropdown to your preference. Sponsors will receive your contact information – if you’ve allowed it – after the event concludes. This double opt-in system gives you control: your opt-in privacy setting and your affirmative consent for a scan.

Do I need to wear my wristband during the whole conference?

Your wristband must be worn on your wrist on the first day of the conference. Let us know at check-in if something prevents you from doing this.

After the first day of the conference, you may cut off your

  • red/pink/purple GA wristband
  • orange booth-only wristband
  • blue Pro wristband
  • green speaker wristband

but we ask that in the following days, you display it somewhere visible where you do not mind being scanned when entering the conference. We will provide safety pins on-site so you can pin the badge to your lapel, sleeve, or another visible location where you feel comfortable wearing it and having a scanner held to it with your affirmative consent.

Caveat: Once a

  • blue Pro wristband
  • green speaker wristband

has been cut, it may no longer be used to access perks such as free coffee and breakfast. You can get a replacement wristband for $10 at the help desk if you bring the old one back. Note that we have limited replacements available. The replacement fee may be waived in certain cases.

Please note that security may ask to see wristband your if they do not see it in plain sight. This is nothing personal; it’s simply security doing their job.

What data is is stored on the wristband and how is wristband scan data used?

Please see the Use of electronic event access tools for attendee credentials section of the C&S privacy policy.