Frequently Asked Questions

What meals are provided at the conference?

In order to keep ticket costs low, we do not intend to provide any food. The convention center will make available a food vendor inside of the main hall.

The schedule is intentionally lighter for 2 hours around lunch time so attendees can take breaks as it fits their personal schedule and we can avoid overwhelming local restaurants.

Will sessions be recorded?

Most talks will be recorded; those will posted to Code & Supply's YouTube channel as they are edited in the weeks after the conference. There will be nearly 100 hours of content to edit!

Is Internet provided?

We encourage attendees to get the most out of their conference experience by devoting their attention to the sessions, fellow attendees, sponsors, and the conference environment. We discourage general Internet use.

That said, WiFi will be available, but should not be relied on. Nearly 2,000 devices in a small area makes for very congested airwaves.

Attendees who are on-call or otherwise need Internet should rely on their own hotspot or mobile device tether. Use of wired tethering ( iOS | Android) is strongly advised in order to free up spectrum for those who do not follow this advice.

Organizers have found that cellular LTE service works decently in Abstractions' area of the DLCC, but assume that it, too, will be stressed.

There is WiFi in some areas along Penn Ave and many restaurants in the Cultural District have WiFi, as well. PittMesh does not yet have a presence downtown.

What time will the conference end on Saturday?

The final session is scheduled to begin at 6:15. Richard Stallman will present on software freedom until approximately 8:15.

Can you provide more details about the childcare arrangements?

We're still working out the details of our childcare package but will be sure to work with a professional service that specializes in event childcare and is licensed to work with children.

Who did the artwork?

James Flames did the artwork for our poster. You can read more about our process on the article we wrote about making art central to our conference.

The map was illustrated by Cole Ott.

We also have a piece of interactive art that will adorn the main stage. That is being done by Jakob Marsico of Ultra Low Res Studio.

The main stage artwork will be for sale afterward. If you know someone that owns an office building, is connected to public installation art or large events, contact the team.

What's the story with coupon/promo codes?

We regularly generate coupon codes to be used as referrals in our referral contest. You can read the referral contest rules for further information.

How can I transfer (or cancel) my ticket?

Unfortunately, all sales are final in accordance with our refund policy. We want your ticket to go to good use and will support transfers to a new name. See the ticket transfer instructions for more information.

Are there any group discounts?

In order to make our event accessible, we've already tried to make ticket prices as low as possible. We are, however, very generous with our sponsorship packages in terms of complimentary tickets.