Abstractions Sponsors

See the Abstractions Sponsor List for our public list of sponsors.

Sponsor Abstractions

Our Sponsorship Prospectus offers a fully integrated description of the conference and the packages suitable for executives.

The last day to become a Premiere, Gold, Silver, or Bronze sponsor is August 11, 2016. We will accept Exhibitor sponsorships until August 15, 2016, but with caveats explained via email when you inquire.

Sponsorship Packages

Packages and PerksPremiere
Keynote presentation
Logo on all informational signs at event
Send an email to all of our attendees
Social media takeover of our accounts for one day
Choiceˆ of one sponsorship add-on
Speaking slot in track
10 ft × 10 ft booth
Include material at registration table
Invitation for to speaker and organizer dinner event night before conference begins
Hotel suite in official conference hotel for all event days
Hotel room in official conference hotel for all event days
Access to private interview area
Ability to buy sponsorship add-ons
Social media thank you with your logo and links
Twitter promotion during event
Logo included on program slides
Logo linked on web site
Option to include material in attendee gift bags
Company description in program
Table in exhibition area
Max sponsors at level15101520
Complimentary passes30+2015103
Contact Us ->Premiere

^+ Need more? Ask. We can accommodate once we are closer to the event and are able to make sure that we have enough room for non-sponsor attendees.

^ˆ Party, track sponsor, and meal add-ons reduced by $3,000 instead of complimentary


These add-ons, except the table upgrade, are available to sponsors purchasing Silver-level and higher. Limited quantities are available.

Got an idea for something else? Let us know.

PricePackages AvailableIncludes
Video Record All The ThingsContact us1We'd like to record every session. That's approximately 100 sessions. That's a lot of editing and it's likely to be pricey. If your company chooses this, your company's logo will be on the video recordings posted online in perpetuity. That's right: forever.
Party$30,0001Be the named sponsor for the party. The party will bear your company's name and you'll be given extra drink tickets, speaking time at the party, company theming rights, and an option to pass out swag. Want to increase the budget? Talk to us.
Lunch$15,0003Be the named sponsor of a lunch, e.g. "Lunch provided by Aperture Science"
Breakfast$10,0003Be the named sponsor of a breakfast, e.g. "Breakfast provided by Ravenholm Industries"
Hotel Key Sleeve$10,000 + cost1We'll place the hotel keys of every guest in the official conference hotel in a sleeve with your company's logo, name, and URL on it.
Track Sponsor$5,0004Sponsor a room for the entire conference, including decorating the inside, a table outside, and use of the room in between sessions. The room will bear the name of your company, e.g. "The Black Mesa room".
Lanyard Logo$3,0001Your company's logo on every lanyard. You provide the lanyards, we hand them out.SOLD OUT
Bag$3,0001Your company's logo on every attendee swag bag. Want to provide a better than average swag bag? Talk to us. You can provide the bags and we will populate them and hand them out. Bonus points if you want to help with either task!
Banners$2,0003Banner featured at the front of the room in our main track.
Digital Signage$2,000 + cost10Commandeer the information radiators throughout the venue to display your company's logo and a short message
Hallway Banners$30010Place one banner in the venue hallways

Media Sponsorship

Are you able to promote Abstractions at your event or to a big group of relevant people? We generally offer generous discount codes and maybe even a complimentary registration if your organization or audience is sufficiently large. Great examples are regularly-meeting Meetups, other technology conferences, technology-promotion organizations, tech blogs with at least 500 monthly uniques.

Contact us about media sponsorship.

Are you representing a larger media outlet? Please see our Press information.


Who is attending Abstractions?

Abstractions will be hosting about 1500 professionals from the software development field. Our audience is intentionally cross-discipline to include people involved with design, back end engineering, front end development, management, QA, devops and more. The common theme of our audience is that they are involved with delivering software.

What are the specifics of each perk?

Most of our perks are "is what is says on the tin". For more information, contact us directly.

I don't need so many complimentary passes. Can I exchange them for another perk?

No, but you can donate them to the scholarship pool in exchange for recognition as a scholarship sponsor. You can also give them away as a prize in a social media contest or to employees' family so they can attend Abstractions, too.

Do you provide an attendee list?

We respect our attendees' privacy and do not provide attendee lists to any sponsors. Sponsors who want to collect attendees' contact information at their booth are permitted to do so, and are encouraged to incentivize attendees with a some kind of a giveaway.

Is Abstractions a non-profit organization?

Code & Supply Co. LLC is the organization behind Abstractions. It is not technically a non-profit, but operates very similar to one. Sponsorships are thus not tax-deductible donations. You can read more about Code & Supply at www.codeandsupply.co or its Meetup page


What are the specifics for the logo I need to provide?

Please provide the logo that meets these requirements:

When displayed on Abstractions.io, the logo will be 200 to 400 pixels wide and no more than 200 pixels tall. We request vector so we can scale as necessary.

By when must I deliver swag bag materials, and to what address should I send them?

If your package includes the perk of distributing materials to attendees in the attendee bag or at the registration table, please send us all materials in advance. Send all materials by August 1 to:

Code & Supply
544 Miltenberger St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Can I ship my exhibition space materials to the venue?

If you have materials for your exhibition space, please bring them day-of. If they are large and you don't mind paying for it, you can ship them directly to the convention center:

David L. Lawrence Convention Center
ATT: Carolyn Manley
Code & Supply / Abstractions
1000 Ft. Duquesne Blvd.
Pittsburgh, PA  15222

Items can be delivered here absolutely no earlier than Monday, August 15.

Here are the storage and delivery charges you could possibly incur:

TypeCost each parcel
Loose boxes$25.00
Fiber cases$30.00
Pallets (banded or shrink wrapped)$60.00

For crates, please specify how it is sealed. Payment will be made directly to the venue via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover or Check.

Exhibition Space

What are the exhibition hours?

The hours vary each day. Doors open at 8:00 a.m. daily and the event is ongoing until after the evening's keynote. See the Schedule for session schedules.

When can I show up to prepare my exhibition space?

If your package includes an exhibition table or booth, you can arrive at 7:00 a.m. on August 18 to set up your table. If you need to prepare your booth each day, please show up no earlier than 7:30 a.m. on subsequent days.

Additionally, dedicated time will be made available Wednesday, August 17 for setup from 1:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m.

What is included in the space?

The tables will all be topped and skirted and include chairs. The table can be redressed any way you'd like. You are encouraged to bring swag for your own table. The venue will provide chairs and we can set how many during setup.

How do I get my stuff to my space?

If you can carry it in your arms or on a two-wheel dolly, you can take it yourself. The venue has very strict rules about heavy objects and four-wheel carts: if you require a cart or more than one person to lift something, it must be handled by Teamsters.

If you expect to require this assistance, you must let us know by Friday, August 5 so that we can schedule them. There is significant cost to this, but we can aggregate and absorb that cost across all sponsors.

Is electricity available in the space?

Yes, if you’re just plugging into the wall sockets. These may be limited in certain locations. Let us know if you will require electricity and we will do our best to accomodate you. Please bring your own power strip and extension cable.

If you plan have more elaborate electrical needs than plugging in a mobile phones or laptop, the cost is $129.50 + tax per 20A drop. This is our cost.

Is Internet available in the space?

Yes, but it is the same Internet that the conference attendees will be using. Read: assume that it will be unreliable, slow, and generally frustrating. If you need Internet for your booth, please plan ahead and bring a mobile hotspot or copy your materials locally.

Abstractions itself will be serving its displays from a local WiFi in order to avoid problems ourselves.

Can I leave my space? What is the exhibition space security?

We do not require that exhibitors be at their space at all times. While we expect that there will be venue staff or organizers in the exhibition space, we will not be actively monitoring sponsors' areas. Do not leave valuables out where they can be seen and stolen. Venue security will be present at all hours at the conference entrances.

Abstractions is not responsible for theft from or damage to sponsor exhibits.

When must I dismantle my space?

Time will be available Sunday, August 21 for sponsors to dismantle their exhibits. You may do so at any time prior, but we ask that you do not disrupt any sessions with noise.

How big is my table or booth?

You will receive an 8 ft x 30 in table or a 10 ft x 10 ft area to set up a booth depending on your package level.

Will it be carpeted?

Yes. The venue is carpeted. You are permitted to lay any flooring you typically use. Bring comfortable shoes!

Am I permitted to run giveaways or other contests?

Yes. Giveaways are encouraged as a way of attracting attention to your exhibit, possibly collecting attendee information.

Am I permitted to collect attendee information at my exhibit?

Yes. Please do respect their privacy and inbox. Do not misuse the information that you collect.

Can I hang a banner on the wall or from the ceiling of my space?

Yes, if you want to pay the venue to hang it for you. This can be very costly. Instead, we recommend something on posts, like a backdrop wall that stands on its own.