Propose to speak at Abstractions

Our CFP is now closed. Manage your submitted proposal here.

We will announce chosen presentations on or around May 10, 2016.

Topics of Interest

Abstractions is a multi-disciplinary conference, with the goal of engaging people across the disciplines involved in software creation. We're looking for sessions on a broad range of topics.

For the conference, our sessions will be 40 minutes and sorted into five broad categories, described below. Feel free, though, to submit any sessions that you think would be of interest to people involved in software, we can help you figure out where it belongs.

Backend, System, and Language Development

We're interested in what goes into high-quality, modern software. We welcome sessions on any technique, language, framework, or process that tells a story about how you create quality software.

Front-end Development and Design

What tools and systems can we use to make software products that are some combination of useful, attractive, and fun? We're looking for any sessions on how design and user interaction work positively influences software, or vice-versa.

Community and Leadership

Software doesn't exist in a vacuum. Every successful software product, from open source to enterprise, requires a community of creators and users. We're interested in how you build communities around your software, how you manage your team, and promote mental health.


In a world where software is engulfing everything, the task of deploying, updating, tracking, and improving software in a variety of environments becomes increasingly complex. We're interested in how you manage to effectively deploy your software to users.


The distractions track will be a dedicated space for people to connect and do fun things. We're looking for interesting uses of this space. Anything that doesn't require people to sit down and listen to a presentation could go here. We're especially interested in interactive exhibits.

How To Submit & Important Dates

Our CFP is now closed! Manage your submitted proposal here.

Our submission deadline was March 31st. You will hear back from us before April 30th.

Before you submit, we ask that you also read our Code of Conduct. Everyone involved with the conference is expected to adhere to it. We're proud to have it, and hope our speakers can help us ensure Abstractions is a great event for all attendees.


All accepted CFPs will be provided with a complimentary ticket to the conference plus $150 to contribute towards other expenses of attending.

If your employer or another organization is paying for your ticket, you may choose to donate your free ticket to the ticket scholarship pool. We'll then list your organization as a scholarship sponsor.

If you've already purchased a ticket to Abstractions, you can

  1. donate the ticket to the scholarship pool,
  2. transfer your ticket to someone else, or
  3. ask for a refund of the purchase price of the ticket.

Although we cannot guarantee availability, speakers accepted via the CFP can apply to the scholarship program to cover any costs in excess of the provided stipend. Any scholarships awards will be decided independently of session acceptance. Asking for travel aid will not reduce your chances of being selected to give a presentation.