Abstractions Scholarship Program

One of the core values of Code & Supply, the organization behind Abstractions, is learning. One of the ways to facilitate learning is to enable access to education, regardless of the learner’s means to afford the education. With that in mind, Abstractions funds a generous scholarship program for the benefit of scholarship recipients by offering publicity to the person or company that funds the scholarship via our Scholarship Sponsor package.

Please consider donating to our scholarship fund if you are able to.

Apply for a Scholarship

Applications are now closed. Applications were accepted until July 1st, 2016.

Scholarship Sponsors

Please thank these companies for their generous donation to cover sponsorship costs. Want see your name or your company here? See out our scholarship sponsorship package.

Qualification and coverages

Who may qualify for a scholarship?

Aside from the rule that a scholarship applicant must be working or seeking work in the software development, design, or management fields, we consider these demographics to be our primary focus for our scholarship program:

Applicants need not necessarily be US citizens; foreign residents must arrange international travel themselves. Abstractions can supply a statement for visa applications.

Did we omit a group that you think should be covered? Let us know via email or via Twitter.

What does the scholarship cover?

The scholarship minimally covers up to the full cost of regular registration, $250.

Depending on the number of applicants, Abstractions may be able to also cover some travel and lodging costs, or aid recipients in finding free or lower cost lodging for the duration of the event. Lodging suggestions may include double-occupancy hotel rooms, short term rental, bed and breakfast, or similar arrangements, or generous Pittsburgh residents working in the tech community willing to host scholarship recipients. Abstractions can help connect recipients, but takes no responsibility beyond that initial connection.

Application Process

What comprises the application?

Abstractions will collect an applicant’s name, phone and email contact information, city, and a personal narrative explaining what they hope to get out of Abstractions. The personal statement should be around 500 words (but is not hard-limited to 500 words), and answer the prompt:

How does your background influence your interaction with the tech community, and why are you excited about attending Abstractions?

The application will also ask for what needs to be covered, such as the whole registration price or a part of it, travel and lodging costs, incidentals, etc., and the necessity of these coverages. So, be prepared to answer the question "How much aid will you need to be able to attend Abstractions?" in detail. Abstractions makes no guarantee that it will be able to cover more than the cost of registration.

How can I increase the likelihood of receiving a scholarship?

The two major factors are the personal narrative, which should include to which demographic(s) the applicant belongs, and the needed scholarship amount. A well-written narrative answering the prompt is a necessity. That said, the lower the need, the more likely it can be accommodated. Applicants with sufficiently low need may instead be directed to seek one of the many discount codes available to community organizations.

How long will the application take to fill out?

The basic information requested will take no longer than five minutes. The effort put into the personal narrative is dependent on the applicant, so the time necessary for it cannot be accurately estimated.

When and where can I apply?

The scholarship program will open when general registration opens. Those interested can apply through the link at the top of the page.

When do scholarship applications close?

Scholarship applications will be accepted until July 1, 2016.

When will I find out if I have been awarded a scholarship?

We expect that scholarship recipients requesting discounted or free registration will be notified individually on a rolling basis. Applicants requesting aid beyond that will take longer to process, but will hear one way or another no later than July 15, 2016 so that recipients may plan their travel.

In what priority are the scholarships awarded?

All scholarship applications will be evaluated on the basis of need and demographic.

My scholarship application was rejected. Is there an appeals process?

No, all decisions are final.


I received a scholarship. What is expected of me?

Upon accepting the scholarship by signing the scholarship acceptance form, you are obligated to attend the entire conference, unless an exception is granted.

I am no longer able to attend. What now?

We understand that things come up, but please make every effort to attend. Ask for additional help before telling us you cannot come, if additional help would have you present!

If you still cannot attend, you must inform Abstractions that you are unable to attend as soon as you are certain. Provide a clear and reasonable explanation why you are unable to attend.

If you do not attend, you must return to Abstractions any funds distributed to you. Abstractions may grant exemptions to this policy on a case-by-case basis for truly exceptional circumstances.


How is the Abstractions scholarship program funded?

Abstractions has a special tier for sponsorship devoted solely to scholarship. This $1,000 tier nets the sponsor two tickets for itself and funds two scholarships. The sponsor will be recognized on our website and in our social media campaign for their generosity. A scholarship sponsor receives no other benefits. Scholarship sponsors may be companies or individuals.

Will a scholarship sponsor be given the names or other contact information of the scholarship recipients that they funded?

No, because no sponsor is given contact information for attendees.

We will provide contact information for the sponsor to the recipients, so that a recipient may thank the sponsor directly, privately or publicly, for their generosity.

A scholarship sponsor may opt-out of sharing contact information at the time the sponsorship contract is finalized.

How is travel and lodging factored into the funding?

If by the scholarship program close date, Abstractions has received more scholarship funds than applicants, Abstractions may, at its discretion, fund recipients' travel and lodging out of the remaining scholarship pool.

What happens to any remaining funds?

Abstractions will try to award all available scholarship funds to qualified recipients. If after funding awardees and settling all other outstanding obligations there are remaining funds, Abstractions will keep the funds for future conference scholarships, or to fund scholarships for educational events in the Pittsburgh tech community, such as those offered by Girl Develop It, Code & Supply (which organizes Abstractions) and more.